Work can be hard.Make it easier with Shiftana.


My Plan
& Team Plan

Stay on track and in the loop with My Plan and My Team Plan



Monitor shifts and stay organized with Shift Reports

scatter plot

Easy shift Swaping

Trade shifts seamlessly with Shift Swapping


Automated plan generator

Schedule your team with precision and ease using the Automated Plan Generator

view of the 'my plan' tab in the application

An app that helps teams work better together.

Shiftana offers peace of mind with countless features:

  • Easy features to allow simplicity while navigating complex schedules, shifts, and rotations.
  • Transparency of balanced shift distribution.
  • Allows for continuation of future shift scheduling.
  • Better team communication through organization and accessibility of different shifts and schedules.
  • Allows accessibility to view past shifts and help with present and future scheduling.
  • Use Shiftana with ease knowing that we use top security standards with our application and web services.

Discover what Shiftana has to offer your team of professionals.

Shiftana guarantees to meet all of your shift scheduling needs. From easy access to shift swapping to the one of a kind automated plan generator. Scheduling your team has never been easier.
application tab

Compare some features

Automated plan generator
Easy shift swapping
My Team Plan
Personalized shift report
Generated specifically for medical staff
Easy navigating functions to save time
Pricing per month$$$$$$$$$$$


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